Help Preserve These Murals!

The Mansfield Traquair Centre and its murals have been restored: however, the restoration still needs your help.

The Mansfield Traquair Centre is a former Catholic Apostolic Church located on the edge of Edinburgh's historic New Town. The building was designed by the prominent nineteenth-century architect Sir Robert Rowand Anderson and completed in 1885.

The most outstanding feature of the church is the vast scheme of mural decoration painted by Scotland's leading Arts and Crafts artist Phoebe Anna Traquair in the 1890s.

The church suffered badly in the years since it ceased to be a place of worship, and damage to both the fabric of the building and the murals was severe. However, the building was rescued in the nick of time.

The Mansfield Traquair Trust was set up in 1993 to preserve this great building, and the magnificent murals within. A multi-million pound renovation of the building was completed in 2002 and the restoration of the murals was completed in 2005.

You can help the project by donating to cost of the restoration, sponsoring an image, or becoming a member of our Friends organisation. For more information browse the menus above, or see our Contact page.